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Local company helps Egypt

Local company helps Egypt

OZmist has signed a new contract to help Egypt combat covid-19

OZmist in Wangaratta has signed a contract with an American company to help the Eygptian army combat COVID-19.

The American company contacted OZmist on their website and ordered 10 Australian-made fog cannons.

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The units are designed to throw out mist 50 metres, which the Egyptian army will use to sanitise the streets and playgrounds.

Director of OZmist in Wangaratta, Dean McDonald says the fog cannons will be sent off in the next few weeks to Egypt.

"We started this about 2 months ago and in that time we have built them".

"It is a water tank, with a powerful fan on top, which throws the mist about 50 metres so the idea is they will fill the tank with a disinfectant and spray street furniture and playgrounds".

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