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Council To Discuss Parking

Council To Discuss Parking

Council call to discuss Parking in the Wangaratta CBD

The matter of Parking in the CBD is scheduled for discussion with the Council after the town has been divided on whether or not the current plan is practical.

Mayor Dean Rees told the Wangaratta Chronicle that “previous councils and administrations allowed a multi-storey car park to go ahead with a payment plan that is so onerous on council."

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The multi-storey car park is argued to be ‘difficult to use’ and ‘out of the way’ by locals.

"One of the main complaints is that no-one can access it from Ovens Street, so they forget about it," Cr Rees said.

Parking Meters will also be questioned in the Council Chamber as many feel that removing the paid meters and replacing them with time-restricted zones seems more practical.

The next scheduled Council Meeting is on the 19th of February at 3pm

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