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McKoy Intersection Opens

McKoy Intersection Opens

McKoy Intersection Opens

The controversial roadwork at McKoy Street, Wodonga, opens to cars at 3pm this afternoon.

As foreshadowed, there will be a 24 hour 80k speed limit in the area, extended from a 12 hour limit during the work.

Many locals still claim it is potentially unsafe, and there should be an overpass, and one of those is Member for Benambra Bill Tilley

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"We have inland rail progressing along at a good speed, but it needs to take into consideration that an overpass going over what is the inland line, which has the capacity to take double stack containers, that is the only solution. The Federal government and the state governments need to be working collectively together coming up with that solution".

"Heaven help those commuters, those that not only from our community but from interstate, internationally that use that highway. Touch wood that nothing tragic happens there".

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