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SS&A O&M Prelim

SS&A O&M Prelim

SS&A O&M Prelim

This Sunday's SS&A O&M Preliminary Final at the Albury Sportsground between Wangaratta and Wodonga Raiders is expected to be a tight and tough game, determining who will match up to Albury in the Grand Final at the Norm Minns Oval.

Football commentator Simon Corr says the Wodonga Riders have been playing some sensational football through the season and showed they have what it takes when they fell short by a mere minute from defeating Albury for the first time in the 2018 season.

"Sunday's elimination is going to be an absolute belter with a big prize at the other end of it, of course they'll go on to play Albury in the 2018 Ovens & Murray Grand Final. The Wodonga Raiders were brilliant against Albury, they only fell short by a minute. They were so brave, they're prepared to play the way that they want to play, Albury tried to dictate terms but they kept going".

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Simon Corr expects Jydon Neegle from Raiders having a big bearing on the game, however he thinks it might just fall short of what the Magpies can do.

"Jydon Neegle is probably one of the most outstanding footballers in the Ovens & Murray, he'll have a big bearing on the game as well. I just think the 2 inclusions in Newton and Bordignon might turn out to be the difference in the end. I think Wangaratta in an absolute thriller by 2 points".

The senior game gets underway at 2pm.

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